GUSTOCORTINA 2013 – Home of Taste and Good Taste

    GOLDEN MOON ‘s objective is to enhance and promote all that is Italian in the world: an immense heritage of arts, history and culture as well as excellent oeno-gastronomic products. Its philosophy accentuates TASTE as the expression of a territory; in consideration of this as a cornucopia of resources to be highlighted, the project GUSTOCORTINA was born, created and organized in partnership with the historic HOTEL DE LA POSTE in Cortina, the elegant venue for the event.

    GUSTOCORTINA 2013 is an international showcase celebrating food and wine companies, involving producers, buyers, members of the press, oenologists, restaurateurs, and foreign distributors.

    Our objective is to offer concrete opportunities in the sector to the companies working passionately and creatively to make it possible to offer multifaceted Italian foods and wines.

    GUSTOCORTINA’s objective is to promote valued labels (WINE area), to select exceptional gourmet specialties (FOOD area) and to highlight the Italian structures offering opportunities in food and wine tourism (TRAVEL area).

    The 2013 edition offers also a WINERIES section, which includes the “Prometheus’ Cellar award: workspace and wine-making process”, to be awarded to the cellar best able to combine efficiency in production and environmentally integrated projects.

    On Saturday, June 15th, GUSTOCORTINA’s activities will begin with an Opening Party at the exclusive VIP CLUB;  a series of events will continue through a rich program including tastings, meetings, seminars, workshops, cooking demonstrations, and cultural events. Great relevance will be given to the Round Table “Italy, a Country worth tasting” attended by college professors, tourist experts and international tour operators.

    GUSTOCORTINA is honored to have among its guests Ian D’Agata, bringing for the first time to Italy “Le Figaro Vin” and introducing a  limited selection of prestigious labels, in a top-level comparing of French and Italian wines.

    The main event will feature the Gala Dinner, held in selected private homes in Cortina, where five-star chefs and renowned sommeliers will showcase the foods and wines from participating producers, turning them into the real protagonist of the evening.

    At the end of GUSTOCORTINA, a jury including top names in the world of foods and wines will award the operators that best represented excellency and quality in their delicacies. The evening will end with a CLOSING PARTY at the Hotel de la Poste for a goodbye and farewell to our guests.

    The most important Italian and foreign newspapers and media will follow the event, featured on the web in collaboration with Wine News.

    The showrooms for the event at the Hotel de la Poste and other venues are made available by other prestigious hotels, the “M. Rimoldi” Museum of Modern Art, and the Town of Cortina.

    GUSTOCORTINA is sponsored by the Veneto Region, the Town of Cortina d’Ampezzo, the Regole d’Ampezzo, EXPO 2015, Life in the Mountains, Ca’ Foscari University in Venice, the Master Program for Food and Wine Culture, and IUAV University in Venice.