golden-moon-cortinaGOLDEN MOON is a company whose goal is to highlight and promote the cultural and environmental resources of Italy both on the domestic market as well as by exporting Made in Italy excellent products from any sector.

    Specializing in communications and marketing in food & wine and in lifestyle, with a background in luxury hoteliers and important partners in international markets, particularly in Eastern Europe and Asia, GOLDEN MOON aims at creating travel opportunities tied to culinary traditions and best renowned wine trails where “taste” is an expression of the territory.

    GOLDEN MOON’s objective is to create knowledgeable and challenging opportunities, and to showcase and export the charm of a country elegantly exposing the whole world to the most intense love story of all: a love for Made in Italy.


    hotel-posta-cortinaHotel de la Poste, the most central and historic hotel venue in Cortina, representing the charm of the people who have been and still are its patrons, tells a story filled with emotions.


    The warm mountain hospitality, combined with elegance and prestige, creates the rightful location to host and offer the best of Italian foods and wines, truly a territorial value and culture.

    Thanks to this festival, young manager and owner Gherardo Manaigo wishes to focus the attention of the media on an aspect often forgotten: the pleasure and the magic of conviviality. Nowhere else but in Cortina this can become an unifying factor and an opportunity for comparing and growing.


    Hotel de la Poste