champagne_encryThe tale of maison Veuve Blanche Estelle begins in a recent past. In 2007 Enrico and Nadia, guided by their passion and their courage, arrived at Mesnil-sur-Oger, a small village in the heart of the Cotes des Blancs, a small vineyard of 30 hectares between Grands Crus, with a soil rich in marine fossils giving up a little strength in favor of a greater balance between delicate and incisive.

    The first bottles of Champagne Cuvée “Encry” have been leaving the cellars in this totally French environment stemming from Enrico’s and Nadia’s totally Italian love for wine, and champagne in particular. In Italy their champagne has been entered in Vinitaly and in the Merano Wine Festival. It has been presented to the media with the new label at Vino Forum in Rome, where both public and experts in the sector have affirmed its success.

    Few thousand bottles in a flash received a multitude of recognitions, awarding the tenacity of these two Italian producers who with art  and determination conquered even the most skeptical critics, thanks to the elegance, the freshness and the emotions created by each sip.

    caffèveronesiVeronesi snc utilizes only washed and selected coffees imported directly from major producing countries (such as Brazil, India, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico, Puerto Rico, etc.). But this is not enough.
    The purchase of raw beans. Before purchasing a coffee consignment, Veronesi srl selects a sample and performs strict organoleptic exams together with a cup test, in order to comply with their stringent quality standards. Upon arrival at the plant,  one more organoleptic exam and a cup test are performed on the shipment of coffee, in order to verify that it matches the sample previously analyzed. If everything checks out, then the coffee can be accepted. After a first selection eliminating impurities and defective beans, the coffee is roasted.

    surgivaSurgiva is the name of one of the lightest Italian mineral waters with fixed residue at 0,042 mg/l. Surgiva springs at high altitude in the Trentino region, in the heart of the Adamello-Brenta Natural Park. It’s a water with a minimum of minerals and no sodium. The last chemical test for bacteria following the American method showed extreme purity. Sold exclusively in glass bottles, ideal to emphasize its characteristics Surgiva is sold only in the best restaurants and bars as well as in gourmet boutiques in line with its exclusivity.

    The story of Campomarzio70 is made out of passion: a passion shared and handed down from father to son for three generations; a passion born during an historical golden moment for artistic perfume making, the 40′s. This passion continues and grows until today, always driven by a single desire: discovering and offering creations able to inspire authentic emotions. The three Campomarzio70 stores in the heart of Rome trace a balance between history and present times: the original site a few steps from the Pantheon, the “second generation” store in Via di Campo Marzio, and the one looking into the future located in Via Vittoria.
    Campomarzio70, headed by the Di Liello family, has been consolidating since 2006 its expertise in the high-end perfume sector, including its Italian and international distribution – in Europe and the rest of the world – a selection of brands highlighting selective fragrances.
    Between new products and historic brands: at a time when the meaning of niche often overlaps  with shrewd marketing operations, it is of the utmost importance to pick different routes by study and by passions, guided by authentic creativity and research.
    The brands selected by Campomarzio70 have a common denominator: they are authentic. Behind them are incredible professionals with the ability of creating cult fragrances,  putting themselves and their personal experience into their work. These are artists creating perfumes driven by the desire to communicate their vision of the world, knowing that each individual wearing them will evoke images and different past experiences.

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