SATURDAY JUNE 15, 2013

    GUSTOCORTINA starts up with an Opening Press Conference at the Hotel de la Poste where all participants to the event are invited: members of the press, exhibitors and food and wine lovers.
    Both Ian D’Agata and Thimbault Nguyen will be in attendance. It’s the first time in Italy for the editor in chief of Le Figaro Vin, influential figure of international oenology who till talk about wine.
    A toast to welcome the guests from GUSTOCORTINA
    Held at the“Vip Club” the exquisite restaurant in Cortina d’Ampezzo.
    Daniele Zennaro, renowned chef of the historic venetian restaurant “Vecio Fritolin” will prepare a buffet dinner highlighting products supplied by the producers participating in the event.
    The evening will continue in the most exclusive and renowned venue in Cortina with music and drinks prepared by the mixologist from the renowned “Nonnino Distillery”.

    SUNDAY JUNE 16, 2013

    Sampling and tasting tables for operators, members of the press, and international buyers in the elegant showrooms of the Hotel de la Poste and other selected locations.
    Meeting point for international tour operators, college professors experts in tourism, the press, and owners of top Italian tourist venues, focusing on the global vision of what Italian tourism can offer to potential foreign markets. Dr. Carlo Cambi, journalist, writer, Professor of Policies in Tourism at the University in Macerata, will be the moderator.
    Seminar presented by Evelina Flachi, expert in food science, nutritionist, member of the Committee “School Expo 2015” and Professor at Universita’ degli Studi in Milan.
    The exhibit “Chefs in Color” from the works of contemporary artist Roberto Missaglia will open at the Museo de Ra Regoles. In collaboration with “Italy at the Table” supported by Mistral and curated by Alberto Lupini, the exhibit includes fifty portraits of the most famous and celebrated chefs and Italian restaurateurs. After the opening at the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, the exhibit will travel through Italy (Cortina is its second stop) and in May 2015 will reach the Expo.
    Arts, culture, good food elements apparently so diverse from each other, lately have come together. Cuisine is culture and chefs are artists and promoters. With “Chefs in Color” Italy at the Table honors the masters of this important sector of our economy promoting the Italian style throughout the world.
    Ms. Adua Villa presents her book “My Girlfriend the sommelier” in front of her portrait by Renato Missaglia at the Museum of Modern Art M. Rimoldi.
    At the Ancora Hotel Maestro Alessandro Pizzo presents his work: he reinvented the use of wine in paintings, contradicting standard practices. Exhibiting his works and winning awards both in Italy and Europe he works in “Dedicated Rooms” his art studio in Padova.
    You will get to know and taste three extreme wines, from wineries defying nature’s limits. This is a tribute to Vineyard 1350, the experimental set-up in Cortina, and a rare opportunity for wine lovers to experience something special: these bottles are hard to find. Gianluca Gargano Velier’s chairman (Triple A rating) and the Spanish producer Lorenzo Valenzuela will guide the tasting of a red wine from Bodega Barranco Oscuro obtained from vineyards growing above 1,300 m. in the Andalusia region. Piero Lugano, owner of Bisson exclusive wine shop in Chiavari (Genova) will introduce Abyss, a classic method “zero dosage” from Bianchetta and Vermentino refined 60 m. below sea level in a bay of the Natural Marine Park in Portofino. Gianluca Bisol, representing an historic Prosecco cellar, and the famous oenologist Roberto Cipressowill tell you about his challenge: resurrecting an original vine, from Mazzorbo Island, where soil is often drowned in water. The Dorona vine original of the Laguna in Venice, gives a unique and precious wine. The event will be coordinated by Egle Pagano from “Il Secolo XIX”.
    Seminar presented by Professor Lorenzo Morelli, Dean of Agricultural Sciences at Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milano, and Professor Stefano Poni from the Fruit and Vine Agricultural Institute, both teaching at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Piacenza.
    Seminar presented by Maurizia Catalano professor at the Department of Agricultural and Land Environment Sciences at the University “Aldo Moro” in Bari.
    For Bordeaux connaisseurs: Chateau Branaire-Ducru, ranked Fourth Cru in the famous 1855 list, represents one of the true values in the Quality Label. Since Patrick Maroteaux took the helm, the company climbed rapidly to the top in premium Bordeaux. Today wine lovers all over the world fight over the vintages of a wine known not only for its constant high quality year after year, but because it fully encompasses the rarest combination of elegance and power of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Saint-Julien Petit Verdot, and the Bordeux label, renowned for its meticulously balanced wines. Ian D’Agata, who has been visiting Bordeaux four or five times a year for the last twenty years, has just written a reference article on Saint-Julien on the special issue of Decanter. The story is entirely devoted to Bordeaux (available only to subscribers or at Vinexpo). Mr. D’Agata will lead an historical vertical tasting for the first time in Italy. Another first for
    Eight vintages will be tasted, 1990 to 2009, covering two decades of great successes.
    Thirty seats only, 50 euros per person.
    1:00 PM A Tuscan in a Ferrari
    Stefano Fanticelli and Marcello Lunelli will guide you through a bubbly and smoky tasting: an Italian cigar combined with the prestigious Ferrari bubbly and the grappa Segnana, Solera method.
    3:00 An Hymn to the Tuscan Way
    The “darn Tuscans” Stefano Fanticelli and Danielo Vestri, a “blessed Tuscan” Caterina Dei present the wine of hospitality: Vinsanto Dei 2007, Vista Alegre biological chocolate from the Dominican Republic and an Italian cigar.
    5:00 PM
    Stefano Fanticelli and Federica Clementi present: the Tuscan Cigan and China Liqueur Clementi di Favizzano from the Lunigiana region, an “invigorating” pleasure Italian all the way.
    Presented by Professor Scaglione, Medicine and Surgery Department at the Università degli Studi in Milan. This is a compared analysis between various typologies of wine aiming at identifying percentages of active pharmacological principles and their benefits. Differences between international and autochthone vines (Convention).
    Guided by the renowned sommerlier Alessandro Scorsone who stands out for his great technical and instructional abilities, for the style, class and elegance that has always identified him.
    Gian Arturo Rota and Stefi Nichi present the book “Luigi Veronelli. Life Is Too Short to Drink Bad Wines” at the Rimoldi Modern Art Museum.
    Seminar by Fabrizio Zardini and Gianluca Bisol.
    A fascinating topic that will indeed spark up the senses, shared and told by none other than Marcello Lunelli and Ian D’Agata: the tasting is about the precious content of special bottles, starting with Villa Margon 2009, on to Ferrari Perle Magnum 2006, and continuing with Perle Rose Magnum of the same vintage. Then it is the turn of Ferrari Riserva Lunelli Magnum 2004, ending with the showcase of tastings with Giulio Ferrari Riserva del Fondatore Magnum 2001.
    “The Time challenge” will play out through the confrontation with a surprise guest, certainly a noble wine, competing at the same level with such valued challengers.
    Thirty seats only, 50 euros per person.
    By Dr. Roberto Signorini
    The “Prometheus Cellar” Award is given by a jury including prestigious names in Italian architecture presided by renowned architect Paolo Portoghesi.
    Let’s meet according to GUSTOCORTINA: sharing with friends and Magnum Sabrage offered by important producers in celebration of our event.
    A Gala Evening will be held in selected private homes in Cortina, featuring the tasty creations from renowned participating chefs.
    Selected wines from the competition list are paired with intriguing dishes created by the chefs using products from participating producers in a unique and innovative concept: a chance to rediscover the charm of the true table traditions from Ampezzo and the pleasure of a healthy and festive atmosphere with a touch of glamor.
    The exquisite buffet tables will be designed by Rosita Dorigo. The dinner will feature musical performances by Artists from the Accademia Dino Ciani.
    By invitation ONLY: producers, members of the press, jurors, buyers and tour operators.
    After dinner dancing at the VIP CLUB
    For those wishing to continue celebrating with music we will meet at the exclusive “Vip Club”, with surprising drinks prepared by the mixologist from the famous “Nonnino Distillery”.

    MONDAY JUNE 17, 2013

    Sampling and tasting tables for operators, members of the press, and international buyers in the elegant showrooms of the Hotel de la Poste and other selected locations.
    Seminar by Andrea De Magi
    Alessandro Scorsone will take you by the hand to lead you into the world of Champagne Encry, Enrico Baldin will give evidence of the originality of Maison Veuve Bianche Estelle and the terroir responsible for the essence of his cuvees. Mario Busso will lead the tasting for four labels, including Brut, Zero Dosage, Millesime 2005 and Grande Rose’.
    Seminar presented by Professor Virgilio Pronzati. History, origin and demonstration on making the real pesto: food not only for the stomach but for the mind as well.
    A cura del professor Virgilio Pronzati. Storia, origine, dimostrazione della realizzazione del vero pesto, cibo non solo per lo stomaco ma anche per la mente. (Convegno).
    Blind taste test with the famous sommelier Alessandro Scorsone. A voyage through all the bubblies featured at GustoCortina.
    1:00 PM Perlage and Smoke Italian Style
    Stefano Fanticelli and Luciano Rappo invite you to taste two Italian sparkling wine typologies accompanied by a cigar.
    Tridentum Pinot Noir 2008 Zero Dosage – Cesarini Sforza Spumanti – TRENTODOC
    Tridentum Rose’ – Cesarini Sforza Spumanti – TRENTODOC
    3:00 PM “Meditation” Meeting
    Stefano Fanticelli and Giuseppe Trabucchi will guide you between the pleasure of an Italian cigar and alcoholic fumes… UE Nonnino Anniversary Reserve aged five years in barrique Grappa Nonnino Reserve AnticaCuvee’ aged in barrique.
    The spiritual value of Food and Wine with Fabrizio Penna.
    Seminar presented by Dr. Marzia Migliorini and Dr. Cerase Buonamici. They will present the ties between using quality olive oil in food and the health benefits demonstrated through national and international scientific studies.
    Brunello di Montalcino Il Marroneto; the purity of the great Sangiovese.
    In the past twenty years some Italian estates made the great jump from “emergent” to “leader”, producing true cult wines, landmarks in our national oenology. Without a doubt Il Marroneto belongs among these realities, with its Sangiovese, characterized by great elegance and old fashioned scents. The company, built inside a 13th century tower where in centuries past chestnuts used to be dried, today represents one of the best expressions in Italy of pure Sangiovese , a mix of pansy, red blueberries, cherries, tobacco, licorice and minerals, hard to forget. Ian D’Agata and Alessandro Mori, owner of Il Marroneto, will lead us thorough its beautiful history, a great wine success of Made in Italy. GUSTOCORTINA will celebrate the greatest vertical tasting ever of this Brunello di Montalcino.
    Tasting of fifteen vintages from 1980 to 2007, to encompass two decades of great success.
    Thirty seats only, 50 euros per person.
    Seminar by Fabrizio Penna
    Qualified jurors will give awards in three categories:Wine, Food, and Travel.
    The event will end celebrating the 50th anniversary of Francesco Armanini’s company featuring his exclusive and excellent fish products. Chef Gianfranco Faustin from the Hotel de la Poste will give an extraordinary cooking demonstration in farewell and good-bye to all the guests of GUSTOCORTINA 2013.

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