This edition of GUSTOCORTINA includes a WINERIES section as well, comprising the award “Prometheus’ Cellar: work space and the wine making process” to be awarded to the cellar best combining the idea of an efficient production to its integration into the original landscape.

    GUSTOCORTINA 2013 wants to highlight and award the producers standing out by their involvement, their passion, and their love, unfailing prerequisites to obtain excellent results in superb wine productions, charmingly structured cellars, and spectacular vineyards.

    The subject of oenology fascinates some of the best contemporary architects: from Mario Botta to Steven Holl, from Santiago Calatrava to Frank Owen Gehry, in Italy and in the rest of the world. The most important designers are called upon to create memorable cellars, avant-garde architectural structures establishing a dialogue between wine and the land where it is born, the landscape, and architecture.

    Oenology’s disposition to dialogue with architecture spurned GUSTOCORTINA to highlight this virtuous duet through the award “Prometheus’ Cellar”

    The competition is divided into two sections:

    -      the first wants to award the designer standing out for the quality of the architectural proposition and its innovative contents from the technological building application viewpoint, in synergy with the needs of the wine making process;

    -      the second section awards the company which highlights the most research towards integration between the design and the environment, the wine world, and the agricultural landscape.

    The winners of the prize “Prometheus’ Cellar: work space and the wine making process” will be featured in numerous newspapers; the designs will be displayed even after the conclusion of GUSTOCORTINA 2013 in a hall dedicated to Cortina d’Ampezzo during the summer season.

    The jury of the 2013 Award will include

    -      Architect Paolo Portoghesi (Professor at the St. Luca Academy)
    -      Architect Amerigo Restucci (Dean at IUAV University in Venice)
    -      Architect Renzo Dubbini (Professor at IUAV University in Venice)
    -      Architect Gian Camillo Custoza ( Professor at IUAV University in Venice)

    The logo for the Award will be designed by third and fourth year students at the Art Institute in Cortina who have been involved in the project.

    The notice of competition can be requested directly from the GUSTOCORTINA 2013 organizing committee.


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