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    “An experience we couldn’t miss” is Giannola Nonino’s comment on Gusto Cortina 2013, where the Noninos took part for the first time. Giannola Nonino was present at all the events scheduled in the intense program, as an exceptional sommelier for the Nonino Distillates.
    At the Opening Party, which was held on Saturday June 15th at the Vip Club, the historical evening club of Cortina d’Ampezzo, the guests could taste the Nonino Distillates served fresh and in fabulous cocktails.
    Among the most appreciated the new “Nonino all the time” cocktail, created by the maître of the Vip Club, Emilio Prencipe, made with ÙE® Nonino Monovitigno® Fragolino, ground ice, fresh fruit, lime, pomegranate and blueberries with a decoration of tangerine lime and a grape.
    The chef of the Restaurant Europa of the Vip Club, Maurizio Aluotto, honored Mrs. Giannola Nonino’s presence creating a delicious white chocolate and ÙE® Nonino Monovitigno® Fragolino mousse.
    On Sunday 16th June at 21:00 there was the Open House Gala, a Gala night organized simultaneously in some of the most beautiful private houses in Cortina, where our Distillates could be tasted, among these houses Mrs. Maria Pia Montanari’s was the one where Giannola Nonino was present.
    The rich and elegant tables, prepared for the event, where organized by the food designer Rosita Dorigo and the dinners were accompanied by musical performances of the artists of the “Dino Ciani” Academy.

    Waiting to meet again at Gusto Cortina 2014, you can listen to Giannola Nonino’s interview at the following link: http://www.lifetaste.tv/2013/06/gustocortina-2013-giannola-nonino-distillerie-nonino-dal-1897/

    In the pictures, above:
    - Leopoldo Franceschi, President of Chianti Classico and owner of the Estate “Il Poggione”, Maria Pia Montanari, Giannola Nonino and Ian D’Agata, editor of the Guide to the best wines of Italy.
    - The Nonino Distillates at the Opening Party at the Vip Club.
    - Emilio Prencipe (maître of the Vip Club who created the cocktail Nonino All The Time), Giannola Nonino, Rosita Dorigo (Food Designer of the Open House Gala) and the Chef Maurizio Aluotto of the Restaurant Hotel Europa – Vip Club who created the white chocolate and ÙE® Nonino Monovitigno® Fragolino Mousse.
    - Vittorio and Davide, the mixologists of the Nonino Distilleries.

    In the pictures, below:

    - Giannola Nonino and Fabrizio Penna, director of Enotime
    - Graziano Prest, the chef of the Restaurant Tivoli and one Michelin star, hugging Giannola and Ian D’Agata.
    - Giannola Nonino and Roberto Cardazzi of the Vip Club
    - Giannola Nonino with some students of the Master Ca’ Foscari in the Culture of food and wine.
    - Leopoldo Franceschi, Giannola Nonino and Ian D’Agata.
    - Giannola Nonino, Rosita Dorigo, the Chef Maurizio Aluotto and Mrs. Maria Pia Montanari.
    - Giannola Nonino and Alessandro Regoli of Wine News.
    - Emilio Prencipe, Giannola Nonino and the Chef Maurizio Aluotto.
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